Micro Blast with Ass Spark options

Micro Blast with Ass Spark options

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Micro Blast with Ass Spark Options

Out of all the new designs we offer, I am the most excited about the Micro Blast with Ass Spark Options. My favorite designs are the nude tan suits, which I personally use the most. I thought it would be fun to take a Slut-style design and incorporate an Ass Spark plug cock ring into it. Truth is I knew it would work well, but I did not realize how exceptional the design would turnout. We started with the basic Slut design G-string with the double strap rear. We needed to make the pouch itself deeper to handle your cock when it is pumped up while using the Ass Spark. That was the first change. Hidden under the suit is the connection point for the Ass Spark. The cool thing about this design is you can use it with or without an Ass Spark depending on your mood. If you already have an Ass spark, there is no need to order another unless you want to try a different ring size. The Micro Blasts offer some great features. Working with the cock ring, the pouch stays on more securely than even a regular bikini. This is a fantastic achievement for a micro suit. Most have such little coverage and many of you are always worried about something showing, but that is not an issue with this ultra micro. The pouch fit is perfect. The rear straps feel wonderful and offer added pressure to keep the plug firmly in place. With this type of micro design, you can move the straps while tanning to duplicate a pure nude tan line or you can leave the straps and have tiny sexy tan lines. I love to have the option. The facet we love the most with this suit is the Ass Spark. It is completely and totally hidden away. It cannot be seen at all! You get all the pleasure and benefits of using the Ass Spark cock ring anal plug without anyone ever knowing you have it on. I can’t wait to hit the beach this summer to wear mine! The Micro Blast offers one of the best looking pouches you will ever find.

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