Micro Penis Proud Many men are worried about having a micro penis and many even go as far as trying all these different pills to see if they can get the penis to grow. As far as swimwear that makes you look larger, we have those designs along with different tools for stretching a micro penis, that said this blog post is about men that are both proud and excited about having a micro penis and for those men that want to train their penises to be micro. Though you may think this is an unusual thing to do there is no need to be concerned. There are more men and women who are into having and seeing a micro penis than you would ever guess and there are many swimwear designs created to help you with that look. In this post we will go into detail about micro penis style swimsuits, how they work, how they feel and how you wear them. We will also touch upon the reasons why so many men are becoming micro penis proud and are actually striving to train their penis to look micro all the time. There is so much to talk about it considering it is such a small thing, pun intended. First let’s talk about what is considered a micro penis. There is a consensus that a micro penis is a flaccid penis stretched to 3.67”, so we will go with any penis 3.67 or smaller. That actually seems like a normal sized penis to me considering that we have penis training sleeves that get the wearer down to a little over ½” in length! The Micro Penis Maker sleeve is the place to start if you want to have an extremely small penis one that you will be excited to show off after all guys with huge cocks, love showing them off and there are some many more large and huge penises than there are micro penises. I say if you got it show it. Most men are not sure where to start in their journey to have a micro penis, the best place is to start by training your penis to be small, at the end of this article we will show you an actual adult male model wearing one of these sleeves with a penis well under 1” long, I’m pretty sure it will be the smallest penis you have ever seen and the great news is you can have one that small to. This model started off with a 2.5” flaccid penis that was almost 5” erect. Not large but by no means micro either, after three months of using the Micro Penis Maker Sleeve he was well under 1”. This model is used for many types of male feminization designs and micro male chastity gear so it was very important for him to train his penis to become a micro penis and he is micro penis proud to boot! Male chastity seems to go hand and hand for men into the micro penis scene and that makes sense since many of the newer chastity devices are designed to make the penis as small as possible including designs that actually force the shaft deep inside of the body for men that want to feel like they are Eunuchs. Some of the most popular micro chastity cages are the Munchkin, Castrate, Eunuch and the Mistress Fury. Many of those are available in inverted styles which force the penis inside of the body cavity. I believe these micro chastity cages are so popular because there are so many men that are micro penis proud, guys that want to show off how small their penises are and lover who enjoy seeing the penis so small. These are wonderful days to be blessed with having a small penis.