New items on their way.

Hallelujah we are making real headway on the new swimwear designs. We have close to half of the new suits in stock and we should have them all in stock and ready to go by the holidays. They are all super -hot designs. I know that I am biased but I also know your tastes are similar to mine after all once a spandex freak always a spandex freak.

We have many other wild things coming for the holidays, new cock cages one of which is about the most erotic and extreme cock cage I have ever seen and that includes those wild German cages that cost thousands of dollars! There is one new item that we most likely will introduce before the others since I am so in love with it. Called the Penis Gym it is the most exciting cock workout device I have ever seen and best of all it feels so good to use that you will want to do this work-out. The Penis Gym is designed to offer you the best Kegel workout on the planet. If you are not sure what a Kegel is your best bet to see all the benefits from a Kegel work-out is to look it up on the web. The short answer it is an exercise that you do with the muscles that you use to stop and start peeing with, the same muscles you can use to make your penis flop around without touching it, that’s simplified but you get the idea .If you work on making those muscles stronger it means better and longer lasting erections, more control over your orgasms, more fun, stronger flow and better penis health. The Penis Gym is simple to use with virtually no learning curve, just put it on and use it. Best of all it feels so good to use and to put slip on. The Penis Gym uses a vacuum suction to pull the shaft into place which feels like it is slipping deep into your best friend’s mouth.

We must have sixteen or seventeen new male chastity devices and anal plug jewelry I’m not a hundred percent sure what the total is but I know there are a lot of amazing items many of which you have must likely never seen before. I can’t wait to start shooting these items! I think we should have them all shoot and online in the next four weeks give or take. It will be just in time to get yourself or a loved one some awesome gear for the holidays.