We have an extremely diverse customer base of gay, straight, bi, pansexual, asexual, transgender and I’m sure I’m missing a few other groups of people but you get the idea. We produce products that are interesting to a very wide range of tastes and have been doing so for many years. Our spandex suits are all made in the USA and are considered not only the most cutting edge designs but the finest quality too.

The reason I bring this up in my post today is that some of our most exciting and popular designs, creations like the Clever Girl and Spicy Girl are male to female transformation suits.  You might think that these designs would be tailored for just one of the above groups and you would be so totally wrong! Our customers of every size, shape and gender identity are into these very extreme and polarizing styles. Straight and gay men looking for that taste of their inner feminine to transgender people wanting to look completely feminine. I guarantee that you will be amazed by how you look and feel wearing one of our many male to female transformation designs. Dive right in and enjoy!