Permanent Chastity I have so many men asking me about how long they can wear a chastity for and if they can wear a cock cage for permanent chastity. The reality of men asking about permanent chastity is that if you have to ask you are not ready for it

. A man that is experienced in the male chastity lifestyle with know when he is ready for permanent chastity. The information I am offering here is more for men that are thinking about getting into a male chastity lifestyle or men that are just starting their journey of chastity. We call chastity a journey because it is not something to be accomplished in a day. Let us start with the question I get asked more than any other: how long can I wear that male chastity cage for? My answer is usually how long would you like to wear your cock cage for? I will often go on to tell them that when wearing a new device, you should start wearing it for short periods of time unless you have had experience wearing that particular style of chastity device. Starting off slow, makes all the sense in the world when you are doing almost anything that is new to you and when it comes to a cage that you are putting on your penis safety and good sense should come before your drive to attain a full state of chastity after all what is the rush. When we rush to get things done, we often do a subpar job at it. I want your experience wearing chastity cages on your way to permanent chastity to be one you will be thrilled about accomplishing after all it is quite an accomplishment. When you are starting your journey and taking your time doing it you will find that different style male chastity cock cages work in different ways. A large cage that is not very tight on you and that allows you to become to some degree erect will be much easier to wear at first for long periods of time because it will not be a very challenging design. On the other end of the spectrum would be an inverted male chastity cage that forces the shaft inside of the body and keeps it there, one that you use a penis plug style catheter to urinate from. This would be a very intense micro cock cage and one not designed to through on for the first time and wear for days or weeks unless you are an extremely experience chastity man, even than we would tell you if being inverted is new you should try it for short periods of time first. Permanent chastity is as much or more a frame of mind and mind training than it is caging your cock and not allowing it to be used. If it is something you can afford it, I highly recommend finding yourself a Mistress/Master for your training. Their guidance will make your journey and your experience a more productive one. If that is something that is not in your budget there are many books on the subject and these days it only takes a trip to Amazon to see listing after listing. Many are about chastity and your sex life but others are about the chastity lifestyle. Make sure to read the ratings about any book you decide to purchase. Keep it clean! No matter whether you are wearing a chastity device for a few hours, a day, a few days, weeks, months or you are in permanent chastity, you will need to keep yourself and your cage extremely clean making sure to keep any bodily out of the cage and off your skin. Just a quick side not: it is just as important to keep anal locking devices clean and in good working order. Using an anal lock is a form of control many Mistresses enjoy taking advantage of and I have seen a trend with more men in general using anal locks on themselves to deter sexual activity. Male chastity and permanent chastity have much to do about learning to control your sexual urges and desires. Caging you cock will most definitely help in that regard especially when it comes to not being able to masturbate whenever you want to, which for many men is multiple times a day, what a waste of time!