Precious Metal

Precious Metal

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Stunning beauty in an unforgettable design created to light up your surroundings. Precious Metal sends the message loud and clear that you are proud to wear a micro bikini, that you want to be noticed, and your taste is impeccable. The pouch on Precious Metal holds your precious cargo by forcing it out from your body to completely fill the pouch via the use of an integrated adjustable cock ring strap. You cannot see the strap from the outside, but it sure works its magic to keep the cock filled pouch big, full, and suspended out front for all to admire.  This design with its bright gold, rubberized metal look, all-way stretch spandex makes your equipment appear larger than it is, which again is a wonderful way of getting noticed. You might only have a little two-inch unit under there, but with the shaft and balls pushed hard into the fabric and everything kept in place by the pouch; you are always going to show off your assets in the gold bling cock package! The Brazilian micro bikini rear can easily be hiked up and used as a true thong. Perfect for busy beaches and hotels where a little more ass coverage comes in handy while walking around and nothing more than a thong tan line will do.

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