Ramrod plus Ass Spark options

Ramrod plus Ass Spark options

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Ramrod Plus Ass Spark Options

At Koala, we are very familiar with intimate pleasures of Spandex, cock rings, and anal plugs. We know, when mixed together in just the right proportions, the outcome is mightier than the sum of the parts. What are we all looking for out of our sex wear? Most likely, what I want is the same as you, and that would be intense pleasure in new and unique ways. We are all on the same journey of sexual freedom and testing our own bounds of eroticism. This design is based directly on my own personal sex fantasies that have come true.  While wearing an Ass Spark Double bump cock ring anal plug and engaging in extreme sex play, the idea of the Ramrod was born. People first spy a stunning display of split balls with the shaft in a forced standing position. The massive Ass Spark cock ring is discreetly hidden from view until they see the back side and realize that the front pouch display is supported with an anal plug held in deep and secure, keeping every part of the Ramrod looking like the superb cock display it is.  I wish I was a poet so that my words could better convey how outstanding it feels to wear this design. It is a sexual experience just putting it on. You will understand this is the second the suit is correctly fitted on you, all the adjustments are set perfectly to your body, and you notice the large flow of pre-cum leaking uncontrollably from your well serviced cock head.


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