Rear Assault Bikini with Ass Spark options

Rear Assault Bikini with Ass Spark options

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Rear Assault Bikini with Ass Spark Options

The Rear Assault Bikini is a close cousin to the Impaled Bikini. In fact, it is almost identical but its front pouch is a good 60% larger. This design is excellent for men with larger cocks or guys that enjoy the challenge of keeping it at least semi hard. Since it has the Ass Spark cock ring and plug unit and an interior wide band adjustable cock strap there is little worry about not staying stimulated. In fact, we had models that were under 5” totally hard, but still able to completely fill the pouch, and models that were 8”+ with a similar look. This happens because balls and all are pushed into the pouch to create a massive size by everything pushed forward. Bright yellow four-way stretch Lycra spandex creates a wild and exciting presentation.

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