Runt Cock

Runt Cock

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Runt Cock  RC9833  $59.00

The Runt Cock male chastity cage is part of our new exclusive “Handmade Series” of top quality stainless steel and ultra-micro male chastity devices. Beautifully crafted cock cages for the smallest penis size or for men with normal sized cocks who are into total penis confinement by compression. At under 1/2”, the Runt Cock is a full-fledged member of the Koala micro series chastity cages which are, as a group, the smallest male chastity devices on the planet.  This is a great sissy cage to show off that no penis look. For true, hardcore chastity men, a hardy containment vessel or for guys just starting to dabble in the pleasures of male chastity an excellent first chastity device. Cage that cock for a few days and you will not believe the intensity of your orgasm when you set it free.

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