Seeing the other side of the coin and your feminine self.


Have you ever wondered what it is like to look and feel female? Our MTF transformation swimwear and panties are designed to do just that.  Two of my personal favorites are the Spicy Girl and the Clever Girl designs. They both work the same way be forcing and holding your shaft inside of you and then reshaping the balls to form a perfectly shaped little camel toe vagina. I have been asked by customers and friends what happens when you get aroused. The design is so effective that even if you try to become aroused the shaft will stay put though often you will start getting wet. The end result looks exactly like what you would expect a wet vagina to look like.  Whether you are Transgender, Gender Flexible, Gay, Straight, Bi, pansexual or ? makes no difference when it comes to getting the real feel of what it is like to look feminine.