Sexy shorts are a great place to start!



The first time is always the hardest. If you have spent your life wearing baggy style swimsuits and you are craving something that looks better, feels better, is a hell of a lot sexier and a whole heck of a lot more fun to wear than going with a spandex swimwear designs is a no brainer. I know from my experience and that of thousands of Koala customers that once you start you will get hooked. Wearing spandex swimwear designs like bikinis, thongs and even micro shorts goes way beyond style because there is something sexual even erotic about wearing them. This is something you will understand the moment you first try on your new swimsuit and every time you put it on afterwards, the feeling never leaves you. It is a feeling akin to trying on a pair of sexy underwear multiplied many times over because you will be wearing them in public. The way our spandex suits are designed the way the fit, feel and look will all be a new experience for you. For the last twenty five plus years we have crafted our designs in the USA. We still make all our spandex thongs, shorts, G-strings, Bikinis, tights, Sex suits, male transformation suits in fact everything that is spandex is made in the USA, Los Angles to be exact and we ship our designs to our spandex loving customers all over the world. If you are not sure where to start my suggestion would be going with a micro short. They are extremely form fitting and totally exciting to wear and be seen in but they are not quite a close to being completely naked like the feel you get from a micro thong that is just barely covering your equipment while everything else is showing. Starting with shorts you can build up your ability to wear smaller and smaller suits in public. It is all about doing it rather than thinking about it. I say start small and work your way to even smaller. It really does get easier every time you do it.