Shaving, waxing, hair removal, electric tweezers and more: part 2

There are many ways to remove your body hair and your pubic hair. The easiest way is shaving. I prefer a multi blade razor with vibration. That gives me the best shave wet and that includes balls, shaft, anus and all. Most men have no idea that shaving dry can give you a nice clean body shave as long as you are completely dry and clean. For dry shaving I prefer a single blade disposable razor. In my experience the single blade does a great job and you can do it almost anywhere. I always use Tendskin after I shave my body parts it keeps me from getting any red bumps and red bumps are not the best look with a micro G-string. The electric tweezers can do a great job for the bikini area and back even the butt but not for the anal area, shaft or balls, I guarantee that would be a very painful experience, I know. I have had many sessions of Laser hair removal and it works great. It used to be very expensive but not there are so many places doing it and often you can find a deal on or for a fraction of the regular prices. It is a little painful especially when you are having the bikini area and in my case the full penis done. The great thing is that even years after my last session I have very little hair down there. Keep in mind it is a commitment to be hairless for life.  Having a professional do a Brazilian style wax which includes the butt, anus, penis and entire bikini area is both fun and painful. After being wax you are as smooth as you will ever be until the next wax. It’s hard to do it to yourself and it pays to have a pro do it. Make sure the man or woman you choose has lots of experience working on men. Trust me you do not want to be their first.