Shaving, waxing, laser hair removal, electric tweezers, trimming and more, looking your best in spandex.

These are questions I have talked about in detail on the but since there are so many new people coming to our site since the changeover to the new platform I thought it would be a great subject to talk about again. Personally I love seeing and enjoy having no pubic hair what so ever. It is a choice and I know it is not everyone’s thing but it is mine and I know from talking to literally thousands of customers and meeting people from all over the world at events and shows that there are millions of us that are into the hairless look. For me it started in my teens. I loved wearing skimpy swimwear for as long as I can remember and I never liked the look of tons of hair coming out in every direction, I don’t like seeing it on women either. These days you would almost be hard pressed to see any women wearing skimpy swimwear to be sporting and size bush. Most are completely shaved and many of the rest keeping a very tight trim. You see it on men a lot too. Sure there are still lots of wild bushes in the men’s locker room but quite often the younger guys are shaved or very nicely manicured.  If this is something you already do I hope some of my tips help you. If you are new to going hair free or close to it I know my tips will make things easier for you.

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