Showing cheek, how much is too much?

First let me state that in my opinion you can never show too much cheek there is not such a thing in my view. I love when men, women or any mix of the two shows ass, the more as the better. It’s great if it is a hot looking ass but I’m still good to go if it’s not. I have respect for people who are willing to break the mold. Let’s face it checking out exposed ass is fun. I love seeing all the different sizes and shapes, I believe this is a universal thing and not just a fetish it is love of the human form. I rarely am wearing anything larger than a thong when I am at the beach. Sometimes both men and women think I’m female even when I am wearing a bulge style swimsuit. I never think about their mistakes as anything other than a compliment. Years ago there were very few of us micro swimwear men but today it is a non issue. Walk around most beach resort areas and you will find lots of thong, G-string, bikini and micro short wearing men. This is a great time to come out of your spandex closet.