Sissy Training What is a complete approach to sissy training? There are many different trails that you can follow that will lead you to complete sissy training perfection. Many people will tell you there is only one way and that is the way and the program they happen to be selling, nothing could be further from the truth. I am sure there are many sissy training programs that are quality products but the fact is it all has to start with you.

 When you get down to the basics, sissy training is all about going with your deep desires and urges that are moving you in that direction, it is all about working with the hidden parts of you that are just below the surface, the ones that are already starting to bubble up. Training is about freeing this part of you, taking it public while trying to understand the reasons why and that not holding these feeling back any longer can be very healthy both physically and mentally. Do you identify as female? This seems like such an easy question to answer but it is not. There are many degrees of being female and it is good to keep in mind that many biological females identify as male. Of course, there are many men that identify as female including transgender, femme boys and many sissies. There are many men that are not quite ready to answer that question, many that are not sure about it and many that believe that might be.

 One of the most important features of sissy training is that it is non-judgmental. Sissies and sissy lovers, sissy teachers, mistresses and masters all understand that each of us reaches a decision about becoming a sissy and identifying as a female in our own time. Many of you reading this have been thinking about this aspect of yourself for many years and are now ready to do something about it whether it is baby steps or are true coming out you have many choices available to reach your new goals. We are not here to offer you a full sissy training program rather we want to break-down what sissy training is all about and let you choose as many parts as you would like to becoming the sissy you know you can and should be. We are not putting these in any particular order of importance and you may find something further down the list extremely useful. I am starting with feminization because I feel it is one of the most important parts of sissy training and being able to almost immediately feel like you are female. One of the reasons I say this is because once you can see yourself, feel yourself as female and your brain is allowed to soak in that feeling you will find that the unconscious brain can quickly shift to seeing your body as female and no longer male faster than you have ever imagined. Feminization a major step in sissy training. This is the art and science of taking a male body and feminizing it to the point that you will recognize yourself as female. There are many steps, many small changes and there are some very big permanent changes.

  My opinion is starting small since there is always time to take other steps. I prefer you take steps that are not permanent at first since many of these simple steps can produce startling results that will amaze you. Most men that are just starting their sissy training along with men that have been in programs for years do not go on to have gender reassignment surgery though these days it is an option we can choose to do I believe it is one that you will need to be guided through with the help of medical professionals, we will talk about that option last. It is understood that when becoming a sissy, the one part of your body that is the most male aspect of your being is your penis, many would say it is the center of the male universe. No worries because changing your penis to a realistic vagina without going for surgery is an easy thing to accomplish and at the same time it is amazingly satisfying for a sissy to feel as feminine as they ever have when they look between their legs to see a beautiful vagina. 

 It takes the brain a little time to understand what is happening but the feeling you will have once you own brain recognizes you as female things start to feel different in a good way very quickly. Like many paths with your training there are a number of ways to accomplish this but for now I will talk to about what many consider the ultimate form of mtf transformation and that would be the mtf suits and panties at These designs reshape the wearer with a camel toe look vagina that is stunning, realistic and easy to live with. For many men wearing a transformation style spandex suit is their very first taste of what it is like to be female. Wearing make-up, where should you start. There are many sissy training programs that can teach you how, when, and why you should be wearing and applying make-up. If you look at it in a more logical fashion, there are many easy ideas to help you look your best and by doing so feel great about it. Let us look at a number of these options. Very few men or women are born naturals at applying make-up after all there are many aspects to doing it correctly. 

 The right shading, the right colors, the correct application, and the list goes on and on. There is a school of though, that sissies learning to use make-up should be taught be professionals and I whole heartily agree with that train of thought. It is much easier to have someone with excellent skills teach you how to do it right, teach you what will work on your facial structure best and what colors will best work with your skin tone. In the scheme of things hiring a professional make-up artist to help you can be an exceptionally good investment and it is nowhere near as expensive as you might think it would be. Going with a paid professional will be your best way to do it but if you cannot afford this there are other options to learn. A much less expensive way to go would be to get one of your close girlfriends to join you on a trip to just about any cosmetic section in a major department store. There are both male and female make-up artists working in many of the individual brand sections that will be happy to help you find the right products and show you how best to apply them, this assumes you are not too shy to go this public route of sissy training and just a quick note about a topic we will tackle latter in this post, there are many mistresses that force their sissies to do this in public as park of forced feminization, it might not be for everyone but there is a particular s type of sissy that needs this development work. All is not lost you can do it yourself and here are some helpful tips: Always keep in mind that applying make-up is a learned skill and very few people are great at it right out of the gate without putting in time and practice. Spend some quality time on There are clips that cover virtually everything thing that has to do with make-up and looking your best. There are clips about make-up and male to female transformation, general clips about learning to apply make-up starting from your very first time, clips about sissies wearing make-up, in fact there is so much information on that it should be required work for anyone in sissy training. Want to go old school? 

 There are many fashion magazines out there that still offer some excellent advice when it comes to make-up brands and the way they should be used. Finally, are your girlfriends many of which might be eager to help you learn and excited to work on you, just keep an open mind and always remember they may do an exceptionally good job on themselves because of years of trial and error but they are not pros. They are trying to help which must always be appreciated. Of course, this list is not completely comprehensive but it should offer you good ideas of where to start and hopefully make you realize you will need help and training to get excellent results. Sissy chastity and chastity training Wearing a chastity cage is an essential part of sissy training. The reason is you must train yourself, submit to being trained and accept the fact that as a sissy the option of using your penis like a real man is no longer an option. Sissy training teaches you to understand the use of your penis is no longer sexual and there are only a few ways to surrender total control of its use, the least drastic and most often used method is to be fitted for and permanently housed in a male chastity cock cage. We have other posts that go into deep detail about choosing a chastity cage and we will only touch upon it here. There are many cage options for sissy chastity with the most popular ones being the styles that feminize the wearer. Most of these are micro cages that not only lock the penis away so it cannot be used but compress it to look like a little boy, often referred to as a sissy clit. The longer you train wearing a chastity cage the more removed you feel from your penis and the sexual urges that afflict men. This is the point since the work you are doing is to reach deep within your feminine self. Sissy training and your new micro penis, i.e., she clit Can a penis be changed into a female style sexual organ without surgery? The answer is yes. The penis can be feminized to the point that you can treat it to be stimulated like you would a clitoris on a vagina. Sissy training will guide you to feminizing your penis by working to make it smaller. This is referred to as micro penis training and with practice and some very inexpensive products you can have a sissy clit. 

 A big part of your training is mental and changing the mind set of having erections as natural. Your new natural will be to have a penis so small that other men and women will view it is female in nature. A small sissy clit can be under one half inch and there is little resemblance to a man’s penis at this point. There is a sleeve on the market called the Micro Penis Maker and a slightly larger version if you are starting with a larger sissy cock called the Shrink It Sleeve. These are small penis sleeves used to train the penis to be and stay extremely small. It is all about understanding there is no need for a sissy cock to be any larger than a sissy clit, since it no longer be used for penetration anyway. If you are working with a professional don’t be surprised to see her decide to add prostate milking to your weekly routine to keep you healthy. Behavior including walk, talk and mindset Women spend an entire life learning the secrets to correct movement, ways to talk to men and women, how to walk and how to move overall to impart femininity. Some of this is natural but most of it is learned and they have had a lifetime to learn it. You my friend will be going on a crash course. There are many things to learn and again this can be started in a sissy training program or you can venture out on your own. The internet is a game changer when it comes to accessing information and it is all about finding the right resources to help you in your quest. Before we go any further let me say that this information should be able to help you become the sissy you are craving to be but it will not help you understand the why of it. If you feel it is necessary to understand what drives you on your quest to be female, I would recommend the professional help of a phycologist or counselor and make sure whichever you choose has experience with transformation. Up to this point of your life you have watched women from the perspective of a man and that is the first big change you will need to work on. You will need to see women as other women do. While at times this can be infused with sexuality it is for the most part free of those feelings. Men in general have virtually non-stop sexual images of women on their brains, a scientific fact, and this is of course completely natural after all evolution demands us to view women as sexual beings in order to propagate future generations. 

  Your job is to flip the switch and see women as kindred souls. In its most perfect form, your sissy training will get you to the point that you are desirable to men. You will need to make a study of how women move and a great place to see that in action Is at any local gym, the larger the better. The women are working out in skin tight spandex that leaves nothing to the imagination and in fact many of them are working out so close to nude it is amazing. The men on the other hand for the most part is wearing baggy clothing hardly caring what they look like or how they are perceived. The gym gives you a stark contrast between men and women. The women want to be seen and move around in beautiful movement and yes them men take notice as do the other women often checking out each other more than they are checking out the men. Watch intently but never leering at them. Lear the way they move, the way the act around each other and around the guys. The gym is a hot bed of information for your sissy training if you know what to look for. You are looking for the essence of what makes a female, female. There are of course man other sources of paid and no-paid information. Since there is so much non-paid information out there often it is a great starting point. has so many videos about how to move like a woman it will blow you away. Make sure to check out the clips of people at the beach, Miami is always a great choice with lots of young women wearing very little walking around the beach and boardwalk.

  I like seeing the women wearing little because I am able to the best visual information on how the female body moves, often the beach is where the girls try the best to be sexually attractive. Watch TV, wow I thought I would never say that since it is one of my least favorite things to do but when it comes to learning how women talk, things that they say, expressions they use that are unique to being female it is all there, you just need to approach it as a student. Sissy training and hair removal. These days girls have virtually no body hair. Sure, they have been shaving, waxing and lasering legs, arms, underarms for years but most females go full Brazilian when it comes to the bikini line and butt, yes women get hair on their asses too especially around the hole but you almost never see that because they have it removed. A Brazilian wax is all about removing all the hair front and rear. This is now expected practice for all sissy training. Your body should have no hair, it should be smooth and silky like any other woman. Just about all places that do hair removal be it waxing or permanent laser hair removal for women will do the same for men. I myself and many of my sissy friends have opted to have much of our body hair laser removed and it is much less expensive to do today than it used to cost. Waxing is great done by a pro or by a girlfriend that has done it many times. Shaving is always an option but it is something you will need to do often. One other point I wanted to make is that I feel every person going through sissy training should have a full Brazilian wax at least once as part of their actual lesson plan. When it is done to you there is no way to not feel humbled and to understand what the ladies go through to look so hot for each other and for the guys. I have had it done many times and you are treated exactly the same as any other girl getting a full Brazilian wax would be treated in fact if you have a micro penis the person waxing you might just address you as female. Many in that business deal with sissies often. 

  Working on your female body Your gym workout should include classes that other girls take including Zumba, dance and any other classes taught at your gym that you see mostly women taking and you need to dress the part too. Developing your female body with sissy training which will concentrate on certain parts of the body and not others. Girls do not have big muscular arms, but you do see tons of ladies working out their butts to make them fuller and rounder something that is easy to do if you put your mind to it. A feminized ass is one of the fastest things you can do on your own. Get a G-string tan front and back. Go on the adult site This is not my company though I wish it were and I am not getting anything from them to tell you about the site. You can go for free and they have an awesome live section with transexuals. Many of these girls are so beautiful and you can see most fully nude. I feel it is very helpful for sissies on their journey to see what the ultimate can be. Breast forms, butt forms and vagina forms Most sissies will end up wearing one of more of the above items as part of their sissy training and as part of their new feminine lifestyle. Most MtF transitions will also start with these types of forms before going onto something permanent like implants, gender reassignment surgery and butt implants. 

 As we have previously talked about is easy to change your male equipment to appear female using transformation panties but some sissies like the feel of wearing a vagina form. These forms are often silicone style panties that have a molded and realistic vagina. The forms are skin color and very flexible being silicone and they do a nice job of covering and hiding the penis which at this point we hope is a micro penis, if you have been following your sissy training. Many of these silicone form vagina panties have built in pads to round out your rear. About adding pads to have a more feminine rear it does work but I prefer the old fashion way of doing your squats and focusing on exercises that build up and round out the butt. These are some of the largest muscles in your sissy body and as a femme you will need to have a good-looking money maker. As most girls know a nice big ass will get you noticed. The boobs. When it comes to breasts all men are breast men and to be completely feminine you will need a pair. Not all men like large breast and it is up to you how large you will go but most sissies go for C-cups or D-cups. Smaller or larger is all a matter of taste and the look you are going for. There are so many breast forms on the market from bra insert styles to full torso silicone forms that you pull over your body. You can find extremely nice breast forms and silicone pussy panties at

  There are few things you can do that will get you looking like the woman you want to be faster than getting and using these interesting silicone body forms. Piercing your ears, painting your nails, having your eyebrows done. These are easy steps to take and they are extremely effective after all painted nails and pierced ears, both sides and often multiple piercings are a universal sigh of femininity and are often some of the first things you will be instructed to do. Having your eyebrows done is another natural thing to do that is easy but best left to a professional. You can find them in most beauty shops. The funny thing is so many men are now feminizing their eyebrows whether they know if or not. 

 Younger guys are doing it often and gay men have been doing it for years. You will want a more severe job done to change you from a masculine look to a completely female one. Just tell the person working on you what you want and minutes later will be a huge facial change, that is how powerful having your eyebrows done can be. What turns you on as a female? Let us get real! One of the things that can bring a girl down quickly, is going to many of the sissy training sites and being bombarded with photos of beautiful young women. This is a normal feeling and as a sissy trying to feminize you need to understand those beautiful airbrushed photos drive biological women crazy too. Even the most beautiful women do not look like that in real life. It is important you strive to be the most beautiful girl you can be but at the same time understanding and having real world expectations. There is no point in shooting for something no one can obtain, I feel it is a waste of time, a waste of mental space and overall, not a healthy way for any female, sissy girl, femme boy or gender-neutral person to approach being their ultimate feminine self. Be real, be the real you. Living the lifestyle 

 How far are you willing to go? Are you committed to be female, being a sissy full time in both public and private? Are you going to take baby steps and just try it at first when you are by yourself? These are questions that will need to be answered. Are you planning to completely immerse yourself in the sissy lifestyle and if so and you are still working you will need to approach your place of business and explain the change? In places like California where we are based you cannot discriminate against people based on their gender and that would include being a sissy but this is not so in every state so make sure to check and see what safeguards are in place where you work. Will everyone be made aware of you new lifestyle? If you have kids, will they know, a wife, lover, all your friends? You will need to start where you are comfortable starting but many sissy training programs suggest you be as open as possible since in the end it is much easier to let them all know as soon as possible, this way no surprises pop up. 

  Feminized in public My first experience being feminized in public was during my sissy training with a mistress one that also enjoyed a measure of humiliation. Let’s touch on humiliation for a moment because it is used as a tool by trainers and sissies being self-trained as a way to break down masculine ways. Without getting deep into the psychology of humiliation it is well known that being forced to be feminine in public will break down many of the issues facing you as a sissy girl. Back to my first lesson one I would highly recommend now but what made me extremely nervous and self-conscious at the time. I was forced to go to a busy beach on a beautiful summer day with my trainer after having all my body hair removed wearing a transformation style (camel toe) front thong swimsuit which was smaller than ninety percent of the other girl’s swimsuits on the beach. She walked me along the beach, had me play in the water with her and we were lying out getting sun. She made me talk and even try my hand at flirting with men that she met and even made me model my suit for a number of other girls to get their feedback.

  I have a thin athletic build and looking at some of the photos she took of me with her phone I actually did look like a female in most of the shots. That was a huge boost to my journey being female in public. My trainer was in total control of the outing the entire time and looking back if I was to do it myself, I would have broken down what we did into a number of times at the beach rather than all we did that first day. Your first time might be vastly different maybe at a club, maybe even a club for sissies and transgender, crossdressers or some other group you may feel more comfortable with. Maybe you will go all in like me but what ever you do make sure you are safe and try to be with other people your first time out as a sissy in public. Choosing your name Choosing a name might seem like an easy task but like your birth name your sissy name is not something you will be changing often and many sissies use their new name as their legal name which requires you to file all the necessary paper work. Like many of us there is a name that comes naturally to you, a name that you have picture yourself using for many years even if secretly so. For years many of my girlfriends referred to me as Michelle not because they knew what I really was but because I was always so interested in their clothing and what and what they should not be wearing. 

  They called me this with love and it never bothered me. I ended up using that as my name right at the start of sissy training and for years since. You should choose a name that fits with the feminine self you envision. I am not one for over-the-top names and most of the sissies I have met have chosen fairly normal names. Sometimes it is helpful to have impost from your friends and if you a working with a trainer or a Mistress most would be happy and some would require that you let them choose a name for you. Dressing for sissy training can be different than crossdressing but it does have a lot in common too. Dressing as a sissy may be one of the easiest things to get into. Not many years ago you would need to go shopping in a department store for nice women’s clothing which some trainers still force their sissies to do but can be uncomfortable for girls that are new to it. The internet is a wealth of information and stores to but just about anything you want and for any look you want. Wearing tights are all the rage and tights and leggings should be a staple of any girls clothing collection. Buying dresses, skirts panties, tops and all the fun things girls get to order is a blast but make sure you have the correct female sizes to fit your body after all you are most likely larger than many biological girls but there should be a plethora of clothing that will fit you. 

 There are lots of conversion charts you can find online to convert men’s sizes to female sizes. New sissies tend to go over the top with styles and that is alright but may I suggest you look at the most up to date fashion sites along with top fashion magazines to find the look you are attracted to and go from there. If you know that your taste in clothing is lacking check to see if your girlfriends will help you or hire a fashion coordinator if you have the means. Remember shopping for clothing is also a mindset and you will need to be properly excited about doing it, that is the feminine mindset. Sexual training for the sissy. Anal work, Prostate massage, and milking, learning to pleasure your man or women and yourself as a woman. Sissy training has sexual aspects to it as most lifestyle choices do. Will you have sex? Will you have sex with men? Will you have sex with women? Will you have sex with both? First let me say that most training programs and most sissies that you meet consider themselves pansexual. If you consider yourself pansexual there is little to talk about here because the world is already your oyster. There are many sissy training students that are confused about sex. If I consider myself a woman then straight sex for me would be with a man? This is a question that is asked often and the answer is that as a sissy your sex if you choose to have sex will be as a female. Mostly anal sex from a man or from a woman wearing a strap-on.

  You will need to learn how to pleasure yourself through anal stimulation and the stimulation of your man clit. Prostate massage is a highly recommended form of release and is extremely healthy and pleasurable to the sissy on the receiving end. It is a well know fact that women in general are much more sexually fluid and many more women have been with other women, then most men. You as a woman are free to be with other women but you should not be penetrating them with your man clit, remember and train yourself to not think of having a penis that can be used sexually that way. A great place to start is on your own with your body. But exiting new toys including plugs and anal stretchers, read about anal sex on medical sites that can give you the correct details on how it is performed. Watch videos after all these performers are professionals and you can learn from them. Hormones and Surgery Before we get going on this subject let me issue a warning: Once you are ready to go ahead with these permanent solutions to being femininized you must be vigilant in finding doctors that are well trained with lots of experience with each different aspect be it hormones, drugs or surgery. There will not be one doctor that can do it all for you, period. You must do your research. It is expensive here in the USA but many procedures are now covered by insurance which takes the sting out of it. 

 There are international destinations like Thailand with many fine doctors and hospitals many of which have more experience than doctors here since gender confirmation surgery is common there. Keep in mind that taking drugs and hormones for feminization should not be done on your own or even at many of the clinics around that offer these services. You will need a quality doctor, a quality clinic both with proven track records. Do your research and remember that this is all for you and you deserve the best. Here are some of the items you should research and many apply to sissy training and other to complete MtF transformation. Estrogen Hormone Therapy: this is a multiple therapy that used in conjunction with hormones and drugs with stop the production of testosterone and increase the production of estrogen. This is a highly simplified description but most of the changes including growing breasts, softening skin, changes in hair growth, reduction of testes size will occur in 1-12 months of use. Again, your doctor will be the best source of information on this subject, there is no need for you to become an expert at it. There are many surgery options including breast augmentation, buttocks implants, facial feminization just to name a few. Surgical removal of the testicles (orchiectomy) Vaginoplasty, a procedure that includes the following Surgical removal of the penis (penectomy) Surgical removal of the testicles (orchiectomy) Surgical creation of a vagina using penile or colon tissue (vaginoplasty) Surgical creation of a clitoris Surgical creation of labia Keep in mind that feminization surgeries generally require work with a phycologist and at least one year of hormone replacement therapy. 

Your doctor will help you through the maze of needed steps. Remember to get the very best doctors you can find after all if you don’t deserve the best who does?