Skin Diver Bikini

Skin Diver Bikini

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Skin Diver Bikini

The Skin Diver Bikini is a total femme style, male to female transformation, full back bikini that will give any guy a fantastic look. This is a femme style suit for everyone! It just flattens you out; no vagina lip shape (something I love but not every man’s thing), but a wonderfully smooth finish and the neoprene is a matte style finish. For the uninitiated, neoprene is a “think soft” material, and it is the same as what wet suits are made from. This design is put together beautifully and the experience of neoprene on your body is quite seductive. This is an awesome suit for neoprene fetish whores and neoprene neophytes alike.  If you are looking for the ultra-extreme, total femme, vagina look and you wear a medium or a large size, read on: I wear a medium and sometimes a large, but I found that when wearing neoprene, I could choose a small if I wanted an extreme feminine look. You might think about having one in your regular size and one a size smaller for that total pussy look.

Our little neoprene story:

I have always wanted to try making swimwear designs out of neoprene, but we have found it extremely difficult to find a supplier that could make them for us in that most important combination of requirements.

1.    Quality: At Koala, we have always prided ourselves on exceptional custom level quality swimwear. We searched for years to find a supplier to make our designs in neoprene, and we have finally found it. Superb craftsmanship and amazing quality neoprene creations.

2.    Value: In the past, we had found other craftspeople to make us samples that were of high quality, but, to actually create them for resale, still meant making them one at a time. As it turns out, one at a time is the only way to work on these designs. Many times, we were quoted higher prices to have them made than we wanted to sell them for: never a great long term plan. We now have a supplier that makes the quality we need, and the value we demand. 


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