Speedo Swimwear, Bikini Swimwear and Beyond Lots of guys myself included fell in love with spandex swimwear the first time we tried on a Speedo swimsuit. I grew up in Los Angeles where board short and surf style trunks ruled the waves and many of us though there was something kind of gay about wearing a Speedo to the beach, they were fine for swim team but wearing them in public was a no go at the time. Little did I know from the first time I tried on a Speedo for swim class in school that would be it, hooked on spandex forever. It did not take long to realize that one’s sexuality had nothing to do with choosing to wear a Speedo, but again back then it was a very risqué suit to wear to the beach and in many ways wearing Speedo briefs almost felt like I was going naked. I know from talking to many customers over the years that many guys started by wearing Speedos and has they got into spandex, just like when I got into it, moving on to briefer briefs and then to bikinis and beyond was a natural progression.