Stand At Attention

Stand At Attention

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Stand at Attention

The Stand at Attention is Koalas salute to the penis. Most people, including us, feel one of the most beautiful creations on earth is the cock. It is, after all, fifty percent of what it takes to create the Human race, so why not show it off proudly? The Stand at Attention suit is a cock display with some built in help.  If you can keep it hard, standing up pointing straight up to the sky, this suit is perfect for you. But let’s say you’re not quite 18 anymore, maybe your shaft does not point completely skyward and that is OK, too, because the Stand at Attention G-string will do the heavy lifting for you. The penis-shaped pouch is actually held up so even a soft cock will be able to fly its colors. This is one of the few designs to offer shaft support. It took us many tries to design a skin tight, cock-shaped pouch that would stand up whether you are hard or not and look this delicious. We decided to go with all-way stretch white spandex for this suit because it is said white makes you look bigger and we could all use a little boost if we are bold enough to put our cocks on display!

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