Last Saturday on a busy beach day here in Los Angeles, Memorial Day Weekend found me on the beach in the early afternoon without my go to beach thong the ultra-micro, Secret Service thong. Among all the guys wearing Speedos and Surf shorts there were a few wearing bikinis and a few wearing thongs, in my opinion a very nice change for the unofficial start of the summer season. I was surprised that my Secret Service thong, which happens to be a fraction of the size of a Speedo swimsuit and so small compared to surf shorts it would be hard to measure the difference between the two, was not in my bag. I wondered if I had anything else that small and started looking through extremely tiny bikinis, some penis shaped swimwear which I deemed a little too wild with so many kids around and a few thongs that were micro but too big for my almost nonexistent tan-line. Just as I started to get ready to give up an extremely tiny suit popped up, far smaller than the Secret Service, which is hard to imagine. It was a Postage Stamp G-string. The Postage Stamp suit is so small that what covers your shaft which is help inside of your body is the size of a postage stamp and when adjusted correctly the balls are pulled between the legs and what is on view is literally just this tiny bit a fabric covers the area where a penis should have been, an amazing look. I don’t consider it a femme look like our suits that repurpose the penis to make it into what looks to be a real vagina, perfectly formed, this suit is more like the wearer has no genitals though if you want to show some bulge you can always put them on display by adjusting the suit to show off a beautiful and masculine bulge but I choose to use the suit the proper way and no longer look male or female. I can hardly believe I dared wear such a tiny suit on such a busy beach day, but it was the only design that would not bother the tan I was working on, and the fact is I found it exciting to wear in such a public setting. Within minutes I had a few girls walk by and one looked at me and said she like the color of her suit, the Postage Stamp G-string is a lovely color of pink and I guess calling her is a fair assessment since the flat tiny bit of fabric cover nothing but a compressed shaft deep inside of me would look much more female than male and my balls were deep between my legs. To my eyes and probably many others I looked genderless, a very unusual sight indeed by the suit was very erotic and was a blast to wear all afternoon. Surf shorts and Speedos are something I would never be caught dead wearing.