The Checkmate Chastity Belt/Cage

The Checkmate Chastity Belt/Cage

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Checkmate with or without Butt Plug

The Checkmate Chastity Belt/Cage  $179.00

3.5” Stainless Steel Butt Plug Add $26.00

The Checkmate Male Chastity Belt/Cage is an absolutely luscious design made to extremely exacting standards. It is one of the finest designs you will ever see. This belt would easily cost you in excess of $1500.00 to have custom made, yet this design is so creative that having one made custom is not necessary! The Checkmate is this amazing Chastity belt/cock cage that can be adjusted to give you a custom quality fit. It offers an incredibly perfect fit around your waist and between the cheeks due to its many adjustments. Set it up once and you are good to go. Add the optional 3.5” stainless steel butt plug and you have complete and total chastity. You have no cock use; your holes are plugged up, and off the market.

The Checkmate is a very masculine device that is designed to rid you of all your masculinity. So complete is the total sexual deprivation that you might as well be a Eunuch.

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