The perfect beach bikini!

Whether you have a large collection of thongs, bikinis and micro shorts like me and many Koala customers or you are just starting out having a first bikini, a favorite bikini is a must. Bikinis can be a little intimidating for men who are new to wearing spandex swimwear. They are small, form fitting and most of our designs are created to show the most skin, the best bulge be it a regular style bulge or a pussy look bulge and most of all to get you noticed. No blending in on the beach or around the pool in our suits. With Koala you are always the star, the center of attention, never shy away from that! One of our most popular designs and by far the most popular bikini is the Male Room. The design has everything going for it, stunning looks, great fabric and an amazing fit. The Male Room is no ordinary bikini it is an extraordinary one and it is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd. Made in the USA and ready for fun.