Have you been thinking about trying on some of our male to female transformation designs? They are truly amazing. The effect they create is unlike anything out there and completely female. These styles are among our most popular designs. Many men are into experiencing what it is like to look feminine while many others identify as female. You might just be a guy who is interested in what it feels like to have a vagina. Our designs are so realistic that your eyes see a vagina and your brain can process that feeling. I love being out on a sunny day getting some sun or walking along the water for exercise. The feeling is unlike anything most men have experienced. Maybe a thong or a beautiful femme style bikini is too much for you to wear in public for your first try. I would suggest trying out one of our ultra sexy micro shorts like the Lady gear or a number of other similar styles. They all show a little to a lot of cheek. In many ways they are as sexy as a bikini or thong but with more coverage to give you that little boost of confidence. The other great thing about the shorts is they can be used as swimwear, workout wear or just very sexy kick around short shorts.


Have a healthy, safe and happy New Year!