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The perfect bikini. The best bikini we have ever designed. The Voyeur is the one. That’s a bold statement. Here are the facts: First, The Voyeur offers the smallest front pouch you will ever find on a man’s bikini for the ultimate tan. Second, the rear is designed to softly flow around your curves and feel perfect. Third, It’s a Koala design so, of course, there is an edge to it. We understand there are times when a bikini is the most extreme suit you can wear. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. Look closely at the photos and you will see there is a full inch or more of open space between the bottom of the micro front pouch and the bottom of the bikini rear. Having a thin bit of spaghetti strap connecting the two looks very sexy and feels incredible in this delicate area. We guarantee you will love it.

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