Wearing Speedos? Your next step is less coverage!

Have you ever had a Speedo swimsuit?  Many of us innocently got started on our spandex fetish journey and love for all micro swimwear by wearing Speedos when we were kids. In many parts of the USA and many parts of the world Speedo swimwear for men and boys are the go to designs but in other areas like where I am from Speedos were not the norm. In Los Angeles most of us started out wearing surf style suits, I started out wearing them until I hit middle school when I was forced to wear a Speedo for the swim team. I remember having the biggest erection the first time I felt the spandex pressed hard against my cock. It has been a love affair with spandex ever since. My story is not unusual with many of the men I have talked to over the years getting into spandex with the same gateway drug-Speedos. If you are now thinking about getting into wearing micro swimwear try to remember how hot it felt the first time you put on a Speedo. If you have never tried on a Speedo, Bikini, thong or any other type of form fitting spandex swimsuit than you are in for a treat when you do. I’m jealous just thinking about how amazing that first experience will be for you. They say there is nothing like the first.