I have talked to many customers over the years and have noticed a change in what is allowed at gym/ public pools and what styles are not. Keep in mind it is different in different parts of the country let alone different parts of the world. Koala is located in Los Angeles and you can get away with wearing anything you see the girls wearing. A bikini is a go at any pool including all but the most extreme cheek exposing Brazilian style bikinis. Last year I noticed women wearing thongs at my local gym pool while swimming laps. Of course I think that is great and in the past I have done the same but at a different location. All but one time there were no issues and no drama, once a staff member asked if I would wear something that covered a little more no big deal. I asked the manager at my present gym if wearing a thong in the pool was OK and she said why not? Over the years I have been surprised at what customers have told me. Some of the most conservative areas like Ohio are fertile grounds for bikini and thongs in public, who knew? I have found you can wear just about anything including super skimpy micros at most pools in Miami. I doubt there are any gyms in the USA that would have a problem with men wearing bikinis but I think it is a good idea to ask about thongs or G-strings unless you see others wearing them. A number of years ago I was at a Hilton Hotel spa in Germany and the guests were allowed to go nude in the pool. I wish we were as open about nude swimming here. Keep wearing micro swimsuits and let’s push the limits together.