My take on the subject of which style is best for depends on what you are looking for in your men’s swimwear fashions and what you will be doing with it. If you are just tanning on the beach or around the pool it comes down to which tan line you feel looks best on you. When it comes to the front cut styles of the pouch it used to be that a thong had a lot more coverage but now there are pouches on that that cover just a little as that of any micro G-string design. It really comes down to the rear cut. The thong rear has a bit more coverage and there are beaches that actually will allow thongs but not G-strings for both men and women. As long as that is not the issue it comes down to how the suit looks on you, how it feels and whether you will be active wearing it. Many men prefer the larger bit of non-tanned skin a thong leaves and in many ways I agree that a thong tan line is about the sexiest look in the swimwear world. A thong tan line on a nude body is stunning. Many men and women including myself find it irresistible. When it comes to activities a thong wins hands down because they offer more support when playing sports like beach volleyball, jogging on the beach or playing in the surf including bodysurfing on small to moderate sized waves. Thongs in one form of another are often my go to suit but as far as getting the most attention it is hard to go wrong with a tiny little G-string. I’m at the beach much more than at hotels but if I’m in Vegas or Palm Springs I will often default to a G-string. Sometimes less is more!