Wearing male form swimwear (penis shape displayed)


Two of my favorite erect penis shaped pouch swimsuits are the Bowie Blade and the Ballistic Package and when I want to show off my cock in its small flaccid shape I enjoy the 2Hot Thong and Smoking Gum Micro which I designed for my own use since I feel even extremely small shafts should be shown off too. Swimwear that shows the actually shaped of the penis even though it is fully covered might not be allowed on all beaches but that said I have never personally had an issue wearing them at public beaches and I have never heard any of our customers, customers that have ordered thousands of these designs complain that they were not allowed on a particular beach. These style suits might not be the best choice for a public pool with lots of kids but they are a blast to wear on the beach. There is something so freeing about having your penis set in its natural position being out on the beach playing in the water and having the breeze bathe over you as you relax in the sun.