What Male Chastity device is best for you?

When choosing a male chastity device there are many things to consider. Is this your first male chastity device? Will you be wearing it long periods of time? Will you be using your male chastity device for sexual play something that is extremely popular now! Is the device visually appealing to you after all you want something that not only keeps you securely locked away but that excites your visual senses every time you see it. Do you have a Mistress or Master if so, have you talked to them about what male chastity device they want you to wear? Getting the proper permission and input from your Key Holder is a step you should not miss. If you are ordering a device because your lover wants you to wear one then you might want to invite them to browse our site with them. Having your partner involved in the purchase brings even more excitement to the process. Are you ordering a male chastity device because you have decided you want to be caged to protect yourself from masturbation? If that is the case some devices are better then others, we will go over that soon. Maybe you are contemplating a new lifestyle of celibacy? If you are ready to start a life with no sexual pleasure than wearing a male chastity device is a great first step and for many men all they need to accomplish the goal of celibacy. How large is your penis? We have been selling chastity cock cages for many years now and an informal poll of our customers along with the most popular styles we offer seem to indicate many men practicing male chastity have medium small to extremely small penises and fewer have large to very large one’s though of course there are no set standards on how small or large your penis should be when choosing chastity. That said there is a big difference in which male chastity device you will want, keep in mind most men have many chastity devices in their collections. Once you get into wearing one you will want to experiment with more along with there are different styles for different occasions. There is always the choice of material that the cock cage is made of the though in reality over 90% of the male chastity devices that are sold are made of metal and about 99% of all quality cages are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is long lasting and easy to clean which is extremely important when choosing a cage. Stainless is available in a polished finish which is how most cock cages are but once in a while you see a cage finished in the more natural matt finish. The other materials you can order a male chastity cock cage in are plastic, silicon, rubber and non stainless steel devices.