If you are new to Koalaswim.com you might just be learning that in addition to our insane bulge and micro bulge swim and sportswear designs we are leaders in the male to female transformation spandex-wear world. Our transformation bikinis, thongs, micro shorts and tights appeal to a huge variety of open minded men, sissies, cross-dressers, transgender, gender fluid people and girls of any gender, I hope I’m not missing anyone but I’m working on this post late at night. Unlike many of our other extreme styles I was never asked to create a male to female transformation design it just came to me as something I would enjoy wearing. It turned out that thousands of other people all over the world enjoy them too.  Our transformation designs come in a few different flavors but the basic concept is the same and that is to erase any hint that the wearer has a penis no matter how small or how large that penis actually is. Our most popular designs recreate the penis into the shape of a beautiful camel toe vagina. It is a lovely sight and I personally enjoy wearing them to the beach and no doubt confusing more than a few of my fellow sun worshipers.


More on M to F next post.