Why call it gay men’s swimwear? I have wonder for years why anyone would refer to a particular men’s swimwear style or a class of swimsuits as gay men’s swimwear. I personally have been wearing bikinis, thongs and G-strings for many years as do many of my friends and none of us believe that a swimsuit style would make us gay, straight, gender neutral or bi-sexual. When you see a guy wearing a tiny form fitting thong at the beach do you immediately think that he is wearing gay men’s swimwear? If so, that would be a huge mistake. Yes, I know many gay men that wear bikinis and thongs, but I also know many gay men that wear baggy surf shorts. I know tons of straight guys that wear the smallest thongs and G-strings because they are not allowed to go nude on most of the beaches in the USA and many other countries for that matter. I believe every beach should allow nude sunbathing but here in the USA there are so few nude beaches it is a crime. The next time you see a guy in a form fitting sexy little swimsuit and maybe even one that is impossibly small like many of the Koala designs the first though that the wearer is a nudist would make more sense tan generalizing that he is wearing gay men’s swimwear. Maybe he is just into wearing sexy swimwear because it is fun! I have said this for decades and it still holds true: why should women be the only ones wearing sexy swimsuits while many men wear swimsuits so large, so baggy and so unflattering as to be plain silly. Many men work hard on their bodies and want to show them off and many men just want the freedom and comfort of wearing a sexy little thong, G-string or bikini no matter what shape they are in, and that is all good! Look at all the different shapes and sizes you see women at the beach wearing those hot little bikinis and thongs. I love seeing that! I also love seeing men confident enough with their bodies to wear a sexy suit. Check out many of the beaches in Europe on youtube.com and you will see men of all ages wearing bikinis on every beach. Maybe you are shopping for a new swimsuit and were looking for something hot to wear on your next vacation. Maybe you are gay, maybe you are straight or bi or transgendered and figured an easy way to find something sexy would be to search gay men’s swimwear. That is fine but I believe you would be much better off searching a more specific way. Men’s micro bikini swimwear or men’s micro thong swimwear for examples would bring up a better selection of what you most likely had in mind.