Working out in Micro shorts

Are you ready to add some spice to your workout? If so I would recommend you start building your collection of men’s micro shorts. Micro shorts are fantastic used as sport workout wear and as a bonus they make extremely sexy swimsuits too.  I wear them all the time! Like micro swimwear designs my philosophy about wearing barely there designs is if the girls can wear them so can the guys. We have been proving that for years at beaches and pools. Now is the time to share the spotlight at the gym. I have noticed so many women showing so much skin while working out I decided it would be totally fair if men could do the same.  I wanted to try it myself before telling any customers to do it, something I do with all our designs, I must say it is a little more challenging wearing micro shorts at the gym then wearing micro suits at the beach. The thing to keep in mind is that it used to be a big challenge wearing micro swimwear until more and more men got into it. Someone needs to break the mold to challenge the norm and to set new limits. It has been warm here lately and I have used a number of my workout days wearing these tiny little shorts. Most of the designs have been bulge styles but I have worked out wearing transformation styles too. The latter is even more of a turn on than the pouch styles but both add a new dimension of fun to your routine.