Bulge Style Micro Shorts

Posted by Michael on 2/28/2018 to News
Most of our customers know that at Koala we move to the beat of a different drummer. We truly believe in the concept of men showing off their bodies, being sensual and sexy as hell all at the same time.  For many years we concentrated

Wearing Speedos? Your next step is less coverage!

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Have you ever had a Speedo swimsuit?  Many of us innocently got started on our spandex fetish journey and love for all micro swimwear by wearing Speedos when we were kids. In many parts of the USA and many parts of the world Speedo swimwear for

Seeing the other side of the coin and your feminine self.

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Have you ever wondered what it is like to look and feel female? Our MTF transformation swimwear and panties are designed to do just that.

Help pop my Cherry.

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Like Me-That sounds so lame but I am trying the Facebook thing again and I just set up a personal page under Michael David. I would love to have you friend me and I will do it back to you.

Choosing the right Male chastity device for a small penis.

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Visit The Male Chastity Store at Koalaswim.com

We just added two amazing favorite Ass Spark Designs

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We have just added to the site under “Plugs and Ass Sparks” and under “Cock Rings they are two of our past best selling designs

Working out in Micro shorts

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Are you ready to add some spice to your workout? If so I would recommend you start building your collection of men’s micro shorts.

What is it like to have a pussy, or appear to have one!

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Just because you were born with a penis does not mean you cannot ever experience what it looks like and feels like to have a vagina.

Neoprene swimwear has arrived!

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Neoprene swimwear has arrived!


Make sure to take a look at our new men’s neoprene thong and bikini. They are the “Skin Diver Bikini and the Wet Slut Thong”

Just added the February Koala Newsletter Link

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This is a first for the Koalaswim.com Blog. Here is the link to our bi-monthly newsletter. I hope you enjoy it. Make sure to check out the products on sale!

Showing cheek, how much is too much?

Posted by Michael on 2/2/2018 to News
First let me state that in my opinion you can never show too much cheek there is not such a thing in my view. I love when men, women or any mix of the two shows ass, the more as the better.