What Male Chastity device is best for you?

Posted by michael david on 2/27/2019 to News
When choosing a male chastity device there are many things to consider. Is this your first male chastity device? Will you be wearing it long periods of time? Will you be using your male chastity device for sexual play something that is extremely popular now! Is the device visually appealing to you after all you want something that not only keeps you securely locked away but that excites your visual senses every time you see it. Do you have a Mistress or Master if so, have you talked to them about what male chastity device they want you to wear? Getting the proper permission and input from your Key Holder is a step you should not miss.

Male chastity belt: what, how and why.

Posted by Michael on 2/15/2019 to News

Male chastity belt: what, how and why.

I would say that 99% of men practicing chastity wear a cock cage instead of a male chastity belt. Quality male chastity belt styles are for the most part more money than male chastity cock cages and they are a bit more difficult to use. The up side to wearing a male chastity belt is that they are extremely secure, wickedly awesome looking, intimidating and on many designs you can lock both the penis and the anus if you wish. In my opinion the most important thing to look for when shopping for a male chastity belt

Cock rings and you

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There are so many different cock rings out there how is one to decide which is best. Let me answer that the easy way. There are perfect cock rings for virtually every situation but there is not a perfect cock ring for all situations. That said having a number of different styles is the way to go. You don’t need to go out and order a bunch of different cock rings you can start slow and add as you find you need a new one for a different sensation. First let’s start with the different materials

Male chastity devices and what we offer

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Male chastity devices and what we offer

You will see in many blog posts and news stories about male chastity devices that we offer one of if not the world’s largest selections of male chastity devices. The back story is interesting in that we were once were strictly a men’s swimwear company though some might argue we were more an erotic wear company. Either way we were totally into men’s spandex swimwear and we are still totally into men’s swimwear. The question is how to we become such a major player in male chastity devices?

Male to female transition and our transformation designs

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No matter what type of male to female transition you are working on our swimwear, shorts and tights can help you with the look you are after. Our transformation designs are used for male to female transition, men who are into cross dressing, transgender people and straight, gay and bisexual men that are interesting in acquainting themselves