Sissy Training

Sissy Training What is a complete approach to sissy training? There are many different trails that you can follow that will lead you to complete sissy training perfection. Many people will tell you there is only one way and that is the way and the program they happen to be selling, nothing could be further from the truth. I am sure there are many sissy training programs that are quality products but the fact is it all has to start with you.

 When you get down to the basics, sissy training is all about going with your deep desires and urges that are moving you in that direction, it is all about working with the hidden parts of you that are just below the surface, the ones that are already starting to bubble up. Training is about freeing this part of you, taking it public while trying to understand the reasons why and that not holding these feeling back any longer can be very healthy both physically and mentally. Do you identify as female? This seems like such an easy question to answer but it is not. There are many degrees of being female and it is good to keep in mind that many biological females identify as male. Of course, there are many men that identify as female including transgender, femme boys and many sissies. There are many men that are not quite ready to answer that question, many that are not sure about it and many that believe that might be.

 One of the most important features of sissy training is that it is non-judgmental. Sissies and sissy lovers, sissy teachers, mistresses and masters all understand that each of us reaches a decision about becoming a sissy and identifying as a female in our own time. Many of you reading this have been thinking about this aspect of yourself for many years and are now ready to do something about it whether it is baby steps or are true coming out you have many choices available to reach your new goals. We are not here to offer you a full sissy training program rather we want to break-down what sissy training is all about and let you choose as many parts as you would like to becoming the sissy you know you can and should be. We are not putting these in any particular order of importance and you may find something further down the list extremely useful. I am starting with feminization because I feel it is one of the most important parts of sissy training and being able to almost immediately feel like you are female. One of the reasons I say this is because once you can see yourself, feel yourself as female and your brain is allowed to soak in that feeling you will find that the unconscious brain can quickly shift to seeing your body as female and no longer male faster than you have ever imagined. Feminization a major step in sissy training. This is the art and science of taking a male body and feminizing it to the point that you will recognize yourself as female. There are many steps, many small changes and there are some very big permanent changes.

  My opinion is starting small since there is always time to take other steps. I prefer you take steps that are not permanent at first since many of these simple steps can produce startling results that will amaze you. Most men that are just starting their sissy training along with men that have been in programs for years do not go on to have gender reassignment surgery though these days it is an option we can choose to do I believe it is one that you will need to be guided through with the help of medical professionals, we will talk about that option last. It is understood that when becoming a sissy, the one part of your body that is the most male aspect of your being is your penis, many would say it is the center of the male universe. No worries because changing your penis to a realistic vagina without going for surgery is an easy thing to accomplish and at the same time it is amazingly satisfying for a sissy to feel as feminine as they ever have when they look between their legs to see a beautiful vagina. 

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Chastity Cages

Chastity Cages This post will feature information about chastity cages including types of cages and cage categories that I believe will help you make informed choices for you cock cage purchases including building a quality collection of chastity cages. Chastity cages are divided by sizes: there are micro cock cages, mini cock cages, standard cock cages, large cock cages and transformation style chastity cages. Before we get into the different designs and where those designs fit in the cock cages hierarchy let us talk about how these cages are used and for who they are used for. The largest selection of Chastity cages would be the micro male chastity devices and because they are so small most folks would think they are strictly for men with small penises which is not the case. 
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