The men’s tights we design/manufacture at Koala in Los Angeles are awesome for working out but there is so much more to them. Many men wear them out at night with some of the designs being absolutely perfect for dressing up in. Our compression tights go to extreme ways and offer a third benefit not found in most men’s tights. The extremes are that a pair of Koala Pinnacle tights will either show of a spectacular bulge or they will get rid of any hint of you having a penis and change it to a beautiful little camel toe look vagina, lips and all. Bulge or vagina look really are at opposite ends of the spectrum and yet many of our customers have both types in their spandex collections. The one thing all the tights have in common is our effort to show cade the ass. Most men’s tights do their best to hide your ass but we took the insights from the sexy women’s tights and leggings that highlight the rear often times going in deep between the cheeks to accentuate your butt. That is a look I love and something we have accomplished with our men’s compression tights.